What means to be authentic?

What means to be authentic?

Be yourself. Be authentic. Be real. Be genuine. Did you hear those suggestions? Ever wonder how to achieve authenticity? How to be authentic? Let us check this together.

Desirable skill

If you want to be successful you need to be genuine If you want to be happy you need to be your real self. If you want people to like you, you need to be authentic. Those kinds of sentence you might hear in many places. From your relatives, friends, news, blogs, TV shows and ads. Everywhere there is put a huge pressure of being authentic. Of being true, honest, real and sincere.

You heard that either directly or indirectly. You might advise this to someone as well. Authenticity is associated with being liked and trusted. With being a good person. Reliable, true and admired. A lot of positive emotions is associated with that. Everyone would like to be perceived this way. Everyone likes to be in the company of authentic people.

In fairness, being authentic is highly desirable. Especially now when there is so much scam and fake things. Fake news, fake social media accounts, insincere ways to make money, pretended feelings, artificial food. This is so popular in our world, that many people lost their faith, that there is still something real, something authentic. You might feel this way too and that is ok. After all, in what you might see around, it is hard to find authenticity.

Meaning of authenticity

So what this actually means, to be authentic? Dictionaries define authenticity as – not false or copied; genuine; real. More deep meaning states also, that authenticity is, representing one’s true nature or beliefs; is being true to oneself or to the person identified. But, what exactly this means, in simple words? How can you be sure that something is authentic?

You might remember situations when you meet someone new. And there was something, about that person, that makes you feel unease. You had some intuitional feeling, that something was not right. After a while, it shows up, that you were right. That this person was just trying to make a good impression. It might be just to be liked by you. Or to benefit in another way. For example, by selling you some rubish you do not need.

You might be doing a similar thing as well. I know that this might be hard to admit. And you do not have to do this in public. But, at least, be honest with yourself. Look at your doings and ask, am I doing this to benefit in any way or it is a real me? Remember though, that being an authentic self, does not mean being rude and impolite. Saying that you are doing whatever you feel like, cause you are true to yourself. It’s nothing like that.

But how?

There are a few simple things you need to do, to be, not just perceived, but really authentic. Observe yourself, your behaviour in different situations. What are you saying and doing? Is this really what you think and believe? Or it is just your adaptive self trying to fit in? If you like me, this, observation, might be a hard bit. As many times you might find yourself acting without thinking. Automatically reacting to the circumstances. Going on autopilot mode.

Yes, this is hard to stop yourself. Especially, when you feel the pressure, that you need to act, give an answer fast. In this instance. How many times you’ve been in such a situation? Well, let me tell you something. Where it might be sometimes good to have an immediate answer. In many situations, this is actually perceived as foolishness. If you need time to answer or act. Just say it. Politely state, – this a good question, let me think about it. And then ask yourself, what I would really want to say in harmony with myself, with my heart.

To be authentic, you require also to think, how your actions impact others. How are you treating others is another thing you need to be aware of. Be present, live in the moment. Concentrate on what is going on in this precise moment of your life. Remove all unnecessary clutter and distractions from your life. Be open-minded, willing to listen to new ideas. Though, draw conclusions and have your own opinion. Be aware of your thoughts and feelings.


Summarising. The world needs more authenticity. And you can deliver it, by listening, being open to new things, thinking and being aware of your feelings, thoughts and actions. Being kind and treat others with respect. Encouraging them and leading by example. So go out and start from now, living your authentic life. Observe your beliefs, feelings and thoughts. And watch, how your environment changes in response to your transformation.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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