What solutions you looking for?

What solutions you looking for?

When people struggling with something. They usually look for an easy, quick and cheap answer. The society, prise laziness and low-cost solution.

If they get two or three items for a price of one they more than happy. If something is on sale or discounted, this is very valuable for them.

Looking for a solution which requires some work, some studying, patience and persistence, is outdated. Too complicated and at the same time not interesting.

No one actually tries to find out, why those solutions are so cheap. Let’s say you are buying diet supplements, vitamins. And like most of the people, me included, you are looking for the cheapest on the market.

You are not wondering why it is so cheap. You just want to get something that will make you feel better. That will improve your immune system or help you in another way.

But most of those supplements are manufactured in the factories. From the cheapest synthetic ingredients. Most of them toxic and carcinogenic.

Those supplements, instead of helping you, pollute your body. They have a lot of side effects and as a result, lead to new serious diseases.

When I learn this, it makes me think if I really want that. The answer comes quickly. Of course NOT. So I stopped to look for the cheapest solution for my troubles.

I still want to get the best value for my money. But now I am making research, about things, answers I am about to get. I start to think about my choices.

I hope this makes you consider the options you have for your issues, to choose the right one.


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