What’s courage?

What’s courage?

What is courage? What courage mean for you? Some people seeing danger just run toward it without thinking, without considering what happened next. Is that what courage means for you?

Another example, some people don’t care about anything and just go their path leaving “death” bodies behind them. Maybe this is your meaning of being courageous.

Courage comes from the french word, at means “of the heart” where our emotion comes from. Following this explanation, we can say that a courageous person sees the danger, not hide from it but rather plan for winning.

Being courageous is to follow your heart. Following your own path of life. Allowing yourself to live fully. Experience love. Following your dreams. Step out from your comfort zone. Take a chance. Be who you want to be.

Not caring about people opinions but respecting their rights to have one and to live their life their way. It is not for other people, not for medals and applause and other proofs of being brave. It is doing what you feel right in your heart.

As one philosopher said cowards die many times, brave people experience fear just once but they move forward. Many people are too afraid, to show the world, how great talents they have. They fear to share their gifts with others. They are afraid to be different.

Don’t be like them. Show the world your gifts, dare to be different and put effort to bravely follow your own path.


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