What’s your focus?

What’s your focus?

What is that you focus on most? Are you focusing on things, you don’t have? O, I have no time, no money. I’m not in a good shape, nor good mood, the list continues. Or you are focused on things you own? I have a car, I have a place to sleep, I have quite good health, I have someone who loves me, I have food on my table.

Listen, you might never have all the things you want or need. The most important is to focus your mind, your thoughts on the things you already possess. And be grateful for having them.

But if I don’t have anything? you can say.

First of all, it’s not that you have nothing. You have two greatest gifts of them all. You’re alive and you have yourself. And when you realise that. When you really start to talk with yourself, with your inner-self, your inner-child. When you start to trust your instincts, hunches. You will see that you have everything that is needed. Everything, what is really required to be happy. To be grateful, to be blessed.

At this moment, you start your way to be fulfilled, to be content, to be self-aware. And this is what will lead you to success. Paraphrasing what Rhonda Byrne wrote in her book – The Success. By the way, I highly recommend you to at least read it. You need to be happy to be successful, to reach your goal.


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