What’s your identity?

What’s your identity?

Humans are marvellous. Humans mind is just incredible. Did you know that whatever you decide about yourself, most likely in your youth years, became your truth? Whatever is that you think about yourself. Whatever is that you say at loud about you. Is your reality.

Just check this out. What are dominant thoughts, I have about myself? Are they about how good a person I am? Like, I am kind, people like me, I have a body of the athlete. I know how to do this or that. I’m good at that. Or maybe you are thinking something along those lines. I am overweight. I’m big-boned. I can’t do anything right. People don’t like me. People just want to trick me.

Whatever is your definition. Whatever is that you think and feel about yourself. It is your truth. Your reality. It is your settling point and you always will back to it.

Now, if those feelings and thoughts are positive, that’s great. But what to do if your definition about you is the opposite? Not so great as you might wish.

Good news is, that you made the first step because you realise that something is not right. I know, I am repeating myself with this subject. But we need to see, read, repeat something over and over to actually get results.

Those thoughts you have about yourself are with you for a long time. Most likely, since your childhood. So, time is necessary to change them. Time, repetitions and persistence. Only this way you actually can achieve change in your life and define yourself from the beginning. Because, whatever is your identity, your definition, this makes your brain to act to keep up with this what you think about yourself.


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