Where is your focus?

Where is your focus?

I was writing a lot about focusing your thoughts on things. I was explaining to you, how huge impact your thoughts have on your life and on what are you getting from it. But this is highly important that you really understand this and use that in your life.

Only this way you will be able to improve your life. I want you to realise this, for one, simple reason. I want you to have a great and enjoyable life. A life that you will want to live. A life that makes you wait for the next day to start all the fun again. Over and over. A life that you will love.

And this is possible only when you understand the impact your thoughts and emotions have on your life. And when you understand how you can shift your focus, from things you do not want in your life, to those you desire in it. This shift allows you to attract more and more good things in your life.

You, with your thoughts, generate a magnetic field that attracts things and events into your life. Thinking on the things you do not want to experience, have, brings more of those. Because you focus on them. And, unfortunately, neither your subconscious nor the universe does not take into account the word “NO”.

Saying or thinking, I do NOT want to lose money, I do NOT want to have accidents, I do NOT want to be fat. Bring more of this into your life, as the word “NO” is omitted. Living you with sentences, I do want this or that in my life. And the genie answer – your wish is my command.

Remember about this next time when you start to think about what you do NOT want. Happily, the universe gives us a few minutes gap before it starts to realise our wishes. Use this gap to shift your focus, change your thoughts to think – I do have a great life, I do have a good job, car, body and so on.

I am happy with what I have already. I am happy even if that is not yet perfect. But from me, my thoughts and my attitude, depend, if I will improve my life. I have everything that I need, to have a good life and to be able to enhance it, to make it even better.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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