Who you want to be?

Who you want to be?

When you were a child, you had fantasies of who you want to become when you grow up, am I right? It might be a police officer, fireman, politician, cosmonaut or magician. I might not guess the right profession, you thought about at that time. The point is, that you had that kind of dream. Maybe even a plan of how to do this. And maybe, you even hold to it and become the person you decided to, and you do the job you choose when you were young. And that is awesome. It is really something that you can be proud of and that you can prise yourself for achieving that. As there is a very little group of people, who actually do, what they really want to, in their lives.

Though, after you grow up, no matter if you do the job you chose or that decision changed and you do something different. You might stop your progressing to become a better version of yourself at this point. You might come up with a belief that you are who you are and nothing can be done or changed. You might think about yourself that you can not do anything about yourself. Or that you are ok with who you are. That you do not want to change anything in you. And if someone is not ok with that, that is its problem, not yours. And this is ok. It is your decision and your life. No one can tell you what you can or need or should do with your life. No one can force you to change anything in it. It is just you who can and might want to transform yourself, your believes and the same your life.

If you feel not good with your current state. In the place, you are now in your life. If you not really happy and not really accepting the person you are. You might want to change this. You might want to transform yourself, your beliefs, your way of thinking. These changes will have an impact on your whole life experience. It will enhance it and, for once, will make you a better version of yourself. Secondly, it will make your life more enjoyable and rich in many areas. The only thing you need to do now is to make up your mind and decide if you are ok with your life and who you are now. Or you want to improve your life experience and enjoy your life even more. To live a full life, to get from your life more pleasant experiences and have more happiness, more everything.

But how can you become a better person? Well, first of all, create a clear picture in your mind, of who you want to become. Then you need to embrace a few new beliefs and behaviours. And they are:
– courage – to follow your real passion, and to face a day,
– gratitude for what you already have and achieve and for it is coming your way,
– faith that you can achieve your goal,
– keeping your world, your promises,
– living now, the way of the person, you decided to become.
The above will help you to transform and to become a new you, a better version of yourself. And at the same time have a better and more satisfying, fulfilling life.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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