Why is intention important?

Why is intention important?

Recently there has been a lot of talks that if you want to do something, you need to not only be willing, plan and commit to that thing, but also you have to have a clear intention. Though what does that actually mean? Why is this important? What is intention? How does it work? And how to set an intention that will be aligned with your goals?

Problems with intentions

I do not know about you, though, I have heard many times, that something or someone failed, because the intention was bad or there was no intention at all. Even if this person succeeds and achieves their goal, it does not make it feel good nor satisfied. It is as if there is a void inside this person, that can not be fulfiled.

A relationship fails because partners could think only about what they wanted from it, ignoring other person needs and desires. A businessman fails, as he was focused only on making money. Not actually giving value to his customers. A person fails in getting rich because, he or she, focuses on being able to show up, so others will be jealous.

There are many examples of this kind of failures. However, from these few, you can see, that there was selfishness involved. The intentions were set incorrectly. The intention setting person was thinking only about itself. Without considering other people’s feelings and needs. Wanting to outshine others with its splendour. This, my friend, will always lead to failure.


Ok, but was not said, that I need to show up my talent to the world? That I should be rich and have a happy and enjoyable life? Absolutely. This is your destiny on this planet. To be happy. To enjoy your life. To love your life. To do work, that is satisfying and fulfilling. And, if that is your desire, to be rich.

However, you need to understand, that you can have all of that. And you will have all of that, only under one condition. You need to do this with innocent intentions. Clear and pure. With an intention, to use your talents, riches and others, to serve people to help them or to provide them with value.

Your intentions are always coming and directed on your inside. On your relationship with yourself. It is rooted in the present moment, in now. It is related to how you feel on your journey and on what you can do to achieve and maintain this attitude.


Right, right. So, what can you do? How can you set an intention that will suit your needs and will be beneficial for you? In simple terms, whenever you are setting a goal, which is a direction, kind of, point. You also need an intention, your “WHY”. It is not only specifying how you would like to feel, to be, to live. It is also how and why you want to do something.

To set the right intention, find time just for yourself. A quiet place where you will be free from distractions and then ask yourself. Why do I want to do this? Focus on what, first, will come to your mind. Write the answer and ask again – Why is it important for me? Repeat this questioning seven times or more, to get clarity on, why your goal is important for you.

If your answers will not be positive, so you, for example, will want to do something, just to make others envy your success. Remember, you are in charge of your thoughts and feelings, so you can always transform them into ones, that will make you feel happier and more fulfilled and satisfied.

Let say your business is to mentor other businesses in moving from brick and mortar environments into an online one. Your goal could be to find, connect and close the deal with 100 businesses in the year. Your intention could be to build a great relationship with those businesses. To assist them, with this transition, so they will grow and increase their revenue.


Summarising. Setting the right goal, either for yourself or for your business, is great and very important. However, you need to add to that goal a clear intention that will boost your determination to achieve your goal. You know now, how you can do this and why it is so important. If you would like some additional help, feel free to reach to me on one of the given links below.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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