Why worry

Why worry

Why do you still worry about everything? Losing money, job, house, love? What worrying about future events gives you? I’ll tell you. More things to be upset about. Is that what you like, what you want? I hope not. So what you can do about that?

You need to understand two things. Life is the development of wisdom, not pain and anxiety. Of course, your learning sometimes will bring you pain, as this is the only way to experience something deeply to draw conclusions and memorise them for a long. But pain is just temporary, and knowledge is eternal.

Secondly, on your journey, you have the best friend you can imagine – You. So stop worrying about things you have no power over them. Do something with those you can change. You can have an impact on them. Learn, grow, and improve yourself.

Remember, no matter if you worry or not, everything will be just fine. There will be some obstacles on your path, sure. But each of them has its own solution. And you can find it.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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