Why you might want to compete with yourself?

Why you might want to compete with yourself?

Do you like challenges? Do you like competitions? What is the meaning of it? What about challenging yourself? Compete with yourself? How can you do this without over forcing yourself? Without pushing yourself too much. When is that too much? To this and more questions, you can find answers in this post. Enjoy reading.

What competition might mean?

We humans became very competitive. We compete nearly with everyone and in everything. At least most of us. During my studies, me and my friends we were taught that, if you are not competitive, you will not exist. You will have no chance for a good job and earn good money. To have a good life and so on. When I started my first business I was told the same thing again. That, if I will not contest with others, I will not make money. In reality, I didn’t make money because of that. This kind of belief, that competition is a must, is planted in peoples heads nearly from the first days of living.

Going to school we are compared to other children. Going out we are compared and at the same time comparing others to our belief systems. Even our parents, mostly unconsciously and in a good faith, compare us to our siblings or other kids. And by this making us believe, that we need to compete with them to achieve something. To earn parents love. To earn respect. To earn better treating from others. Later in school and then in the workplace, we are again compared to others. And again, this belief is strengthened in us. But do we really need this?

As you might notice, from this comparing comes the whole competition. We tend to believe that without that we will be unable to have a good life. To have a good relationship. To enjoy life and to be satisfied. And so we compete and compare others and ourselves, nearly all the time. This is good and might serve you right. But is it always? Do you have to always fight for your rights? Contend with others? For what? For better place, better money, better social status? Is that how you want to live your life? Are there any circumstances, when competing might serve you?

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Why you might want to compete and with whom?

If you will follow the path that most people goes, this might, and certainly will not, serve you well in a long run. What kind of path? If you focus yourself on the sick jealousy approach to competition and challenges. What I mean by that, is, for example, when you see someone having a new car. Straight from a car dealer. What are your first thoughts? Is it something like – O he or she, has a nice car? I need to buy a better one. I need to have a nicer, more expensive, more exclusive car than this person has. Or you are happy that someone enjoys his life and can afford that kind of item?

I know, that being raised in an environment where we are compared all the time, makes this a bit harder. I mean to be happy for another person achievements. I can understand that, as I was the same. Still, from time to time, I feel that jab of resentment, when I see someone getting things that, I was dreaming of for years. But then, I always say to myself. Well, I might not have it, yet. But when the right time comes, I will have it. Or maybe, the universe is just testing me and preparing for something better. For now, I will arise positive feelings about this person receiving profits, as if this would happen to me.

However, you might want to actually compete without all that negative cover. You might want to challenge yourself in a healthy way. The way that will make you a stronger and better person. More aware, of yourself and your strengths and flaws. You might wonder when that will be. When you can gain from the competition. When this might be good for you? What do you think? When this could be true? When you can compete without making yourself, nor anyone else any harm? Even more, when this will brings you some profits?

When challenges are good for you?

What would you think about a situation like this? Let say, you are doing pushups or pullups or any other kind of exercise. And your usual repetition count is 10. But one day you think – maybe I will do 12 reps today? Or you are learning a new skill. And usually, you spend like an hour on it. But then one day you think to do fifteen minutes more. Or try to do something new, using that skill. For example, if you learn to program you might want to code a little app on your own. This kind of challenging needs to come from within you. Needs to be aligned with you. Only this way you will grow and earn from that kind of trial.

If you will do the same thing, over and over again. Nothing change right? Surely, if that will be exercising, you will still have some gains. But from my perspective, you will not feel completely satisfied with them. You might not feel that you give enough of yourself to this task. What’s more, you might feel a little bored and even come to the conclusion, that this is useless and you might want to drop. Why giving yourself that kind of little push. Just a tiny one. Might and, most likely, will create in you, that kind of desire to go a bit further. To check if you can do it.

In most cases, you can and you do, that little step forward. This creates a lot of positive emotions, that you made it. That you push yourself and you achieve that goal of yours. This is the kind of challenge, that can and will serve you. The ones, when you feel in you, that kind of curiosity. Can I do a bit more? I feel I can. Can I push myself a little bit? Yes, I can. Ask yourself these kinds of questions. And if the answer will be positive, just challenge yourself that tiny bit. And see how you grow, transform and become a better version of yourself.


Summing up, we are competitors and comparators. Which most of the time does not serve us well. Yet, now you know, how can you use this and challenge yourself, in a good way, for your advantage. In any case, you would like to know more or need some support, I would love to help you with this. Just drop me a message in the comment section.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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