Work in progress.

Work in progress.

When you finished school, your education, what was your first thought? I can bet it was something like – Hurray no more homework, no more studying, no more learning. Am I right?

Most of the teenagers dislike schools and all that learning associated. It is because schools teach mostly general subjects and rarely allowed their students to learn about something they interested in. This way, young people get discouraged to learn anything at all.

If that’s the case with you as well. It might be an issue in your adult life. Why? Well, how can you acquire new skills, new knowledge, if you do not want to learn? Going to work you will need to learn some new skills, tricks and so on. If you will want to change your job, you will need to learn again.

If you decide to get a driving license, guess what? You will have to learn the rules and skills necessary for drivers. And even when you pass all the tests and exams and get your license, it takes years to master your skills.

You might notice now that whatever you would like to do in your life. But I am not talking about being a lazy couch potato. You will need to learn. Even if you did not realise this or you did not think about that this way. You are learning whatever you do in your life. Your life is a work in progress. You are work in progress.

Now, it might be an unpleasant process, or it might be something that will give you the thrill of excitement when you just think about it. It is you who has the power to decide what is that you like to learn and how you can utilise that knowledge and convert it into an income.

On this website, on the main page, you can find a link to a course made by the great society of people, who will show you how that conversion can be done. I am encouraging you to visit it and check it for yourself.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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