You and your mood.

You and your mood.

How is your mood today? I believe it is excellent. However, there are days when you might feel a little low. Have a bit of a gloomy mood. And this is fine to some extent. We all have that kind of days, as our life is not always so great and beautiful as we would love to have. What is not ok, is the fact, when you let your mood to stay in the low state for too long. This might cause anxiety and depression. But what actually is a definition of mood? How is mood triggered? Can it be, someway rewired, switched? Or can you unhook from your mood? If so, how?

First of all, we all have emotions. That’s a fact. Like it or not, you too. What is the difference between emotions and moods? How are they related to each other? In short, emotions are short-duration shots of energy, that makes you want to act. Where moods are state of mind that stays for some time. Usually, for a few hours. Sometimes, for days. In general, your mood is shaped, by problems, you currently struggling with, your thoughts and emotions. All of the above have an impact on your state.

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Your surroundings provide many possible triggers for your thoughts and emotions. Most of the time, you might even not be aware of that, as they are often very subtle. Sometimes those triggers might be already wired in your brain to a particular emotion, so it is kind of like a routinized process. Different things trigger different emotions in you. A smell of freshly brewed coffee might make you feel refreshed and awake, even before you actually drink it. An offence word from someone might make you feel sad or angry. Rainy weather, outside your window, can be sad or relaxing. Music can make you feel, a wide range of emotions depends on, what kind of music, you will listen to.

As was said already, your emotions impact your state of mind, your mood. The worst in this is, that usually, you are becoming this emotion or mood instead of just watch it, witness it. This false belief, remove the space, between your identity and the emotion you feel. You are becoming one with it. Likewise, you are becoming your mood instead of just having it. So, how can you unhook yourself from that? From your poor mood and emotions, that might trigger it. How can you shift your mood, to be a more enjoyable one?

Well, as usual, there is a lot of different methods and theories about, which one is the best. The most powerful, as a lot of scientists and other, wise people, say, is a meditation. It is really great, just to sit down and focus yourself on breathing, even for five to ten minutes. For me also works, when I play some cheerful music, watch a good comedy show, write down things that I have and I am grateful for. Or simply write down dialogue with my gloomy self, trying to find out why is it that, I feel this way, and what I can do about it. And most importantly, when I am planning to do something about this.

I would not try to convince you that the methods, I have listed above, are the best. Just give them a go. If one or the other work, happy days and you welcome. If no, there is something called the internet, with thousands of ideas, you might want to try. Just look for something that works for you. Try various things. When you find one, do not stop, find a couple more. Write them down, somewhere where you will be able to access them quickly, without any problems. Having a few options is good practice, as different things, work in different situations, for different moods. So, start acting, and even if you feel great, look for something that will be your “good mood trigger”.

Blessings upon you, my friend.


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