You are a failure. Really?

You are a failure. Really?

How many times did you fail, doing something? Is that something that happens to you often? What are you thinking in such moments? What is your reaction to failure? Are you mad at yourself? Are you punish yourself for these mistakes? Are you addressing yourself with bad words? Swearing at yourself, your mistake, your intelligence, your skills, your… whatever it’s coming into your mind. Or maybe you are not doing this, but someone from your friends or relatives is laughing at you. Or is pointing out the mistake you have made. Or in the worst-case scenario is cross with you.

How well you know that kind of scenarios? If you do not know any of that, lucky you. Most likely though, you had this or a similar experience in your life. Maybe even quite often. Does this mean you are a failure? Does this mean you can not do anything properly? Really? Do you want to believe in that? Do you want to feel the accompanying these events, emotions? So what can you do? Is there any way to improve that? To transform? Of course, there is. And deep in you, you already know the answer. You might not want to admit this before yourself. Or you might think that it is not the right answer. You might have your doubts and disbeliefs. And that’s ok.

However, what you get from that kind of beliefs? What do you gain from these doubtful thoughts? Is that kind of thinking make you feel any better? Does this motivate you? Give you some kind of inspiration? Well, that is possible, though it is rather an unusual thing. So how long you want to stay in this kind of attitude? How long you want to hold to those beliefs? How long you want to feel this way? If it’s not giving you anything positive, would you not want to change it? Would you not want to feel inspired, satisfy and in general good? So when you want to do something about it?

To be easier for you, you might want to think about mistakes and failures you made as great lessons. As this is what all failures are. There are lessons, showing you that you can make something better. That you can improve your doing. That you can do and be better. So, next time you fail. Sorry, but you will, as we all, from time to time. How about, to start to laugh at yourself. Treat this as a funny moment from your favourite comedy show. Look at this whole situation as a trial. As an experiment. Think about what you find out about yourself and your action in this situation. And then just make adjustments and be grateful for that failure.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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