You are a great and worthy person.

You are a great and worthy person.

In the world, people like to be everything measurable and countable. By these measures, we are told how worthy or not, we are. On TV, you are shown the things you need to buy, possess, to be noticed by others. To be loved and seen as a successful person. In school they measure you using standard grades, test-scores, putting you in one of the categories. Reducing or even destroying completely your individuality. All social media use metrics, to show you how worthy you are, by the number of followers and likes. Even your family members and friends are doing this to you. By prising you for what you have done, for your achievements. Pushing you to greater successes, to a better life, as they say. But at the cost of your freedom to make your own choices.

You experience all or some of this as well, I am sure. But, like with most of the things that happen in your life, you could not even realise this. It is so common, that you, most likely, take it as a normal thing. You probably thought to this point, that this is the way life is and needs to be. But all those measures, usually makes you feel unworthy. They destroy your feeling of deserving to have everything you like in your life. These measures, show you, that you need to do this or that, possess this or that, to be admitted. They suppose to have to help you to improve you, to be better. It is a very noble goal. And this, in my opinion, should be a goal of every person. To grow, to improve, to become a better and greater person.

Yet, those all systems, to measure people, have the opposite effect. Instead of improving or showing the way for improvement, they simply show you how much you deserve to be accepted, admitted, and loved. When you will follow this path, you might always feel unsatisfied with the effects. Especially, when you fail to follow society rules, losing their approval. And moreover, experiencing unworthiness, to have wealth, to be loved, to do the job of your dreams, to experience great things, to enjoy your life. Do you want that kind of experience in your life? Do you like this kind of vision? How would you like, to live in a world, where you do not have to prove your worthiness, by doing things that others will measure and tell you how good you are?

But this world does not exist, you might say. Yes, you right. But you can create it, starting with yourself. By making simple, yet powerful, changes in your life. For starter, forgive yourself all mistakes, acknowledge and accept your flaws. Accept yourself, the way you look, smile, laugh, perceive the world, your uniqueness. Embrace your defects and work on improving on them. Be kind to yourself, especially when you will experience emotional discomfort. Search for connection with people who are kind, supportive and loving. Last but not least, be brave to release yourself from the chains of society rules and work out to reveal yourself

Blessings upon you my friend.

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