You are not perfect.

You are not perfect.

I have sad news for you. No matter what you are thinking about yourself or what people are saying about you. You are not perfect. You can’t be perfect. But, You are work in progress.

You might, like most of the people, like to be praised, how good you are at something, how good you look and so on. And that’s completely fine. You can be proud that people see and recognise your worthiness, growth.

Thing is to realise you are not perfect and you need to, day by day put effort into becoming a better person. You can do that by finding one thing you would love to improve. Just one, for a start. To don’t feel overwhelmed.

And then ask yourself, why you choose this particular thing? Why, this one thing, is so important for you? Why do you want to be better at it? What steps you can do to master that thing?

It does not have to be huge steps or jumps. Better is to go by with baby steps. This way, you will not frighten your inner child and still, you will be able to see progress.

Is good to set goals and steps that are SMART. Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic and Time-based. I might write a more explanatory post about that some other time.

For now, set a goal on which you will work this week. Make it a little challenging but achievable. Decide what steps you will follow every day. And do your homework. 😉


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