You are the expert of You.

You are the expert of You.

There are times in life when you finding yourself on the crossroads. You might feel like you don’t know what to do next. Which path you should take. How to handle the situation your in.

The worst what you can do, in such moments, is to look for outside guidance. Thinking that someone will know better, what is good for you. This way, you give away your power. You are allowing someone to decide about you.

Is that what you want? Be ruled by others? I hope not.The only person who knows what is good for you. The only person who is an expert about you. Is YOU. You are the expert of You.

You might gather outside information for better understanding of your situation. However, to get your answer, guidance just ask. Direct you’re asking inside you. You might want to find a quiet place. Close your eyes. Maybe meditate. But most important is to ask yourself and believe that you already have the perfect answer inside you.

And you will receive the perfect answer for you.


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