You fall? Rise and do it again.

You fall? Rise and do it again.

How many times did you fall? How many times did you get up? Why it is important to fall and to get up? How can you deal with the “I am a loser” feeling? What this whole process gives you? How can you find the strength and courage to try again? Let think about it.

Failed again?

So, how it is with you? How many times did you feel like a loser? How many times did you quit? How many times did you give up? How many times you have thought, why this is happening to me? Everything was planned perfectly. Everything was going according to the plan. Yet, something went wrong and you fail. Feeling just awful, right?

Your life, sometimes, might look like one big mistake. One big failure. You are giving all that you got to some idea of yours. You are working hard on your task. You are putting a lot of effort and energy into some project. And at some point, it turns that all go for nothing. At least it might look like this. If you will focus yourself on the failure part.

At such a moment you might think that it was all worthless. In the worst-case scenario, you might consider yourself worthless. And this my friend would be a huge mistake. But, well, who am I to trying to convince you to this. I am sure you know that already. Deep in you, you know that this is not true. That this kind of things just happen and are not who you are.

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Why it is important?

I am just guessing, but the situation described above, happened a few times, right? If not, that is just awesome. You are a really lucky one. But most likely you have experienced the feeling of failure. And this is a completely normal thing. It happens to many people. This is how we learn the most in our lives.

And in fairness, our lives, in approximately 75 per cent, is composed of failures. Some of them might be quite drastic, Some so small that you might not even notice them. or rather not count them as bad luck. You might think that it would be better to not doing anything at all. But don’t you think this way you will betray yourself and your whole life?

Yeah, some, usually elders, say do not do this or that, learn from my mistakes. True that this is a great way to learn. And it helps to avoid a lot of unpleasant incidents. But frankly, those incidents are the ones from which you will learn the most. If you of course will pay attention to it, analyse it and draw conclusions for future. And then adjust the course of action, get up and go again.

How proceed when fail?

But, you might say that it is so hard, maybe even you think that it is too hard, to get up when unfortunate happen. That it is hard to trust self again. To get up and even want to do anything. That this is a painful experience. And I understand you completely. I’ve been in this position many times as well. And I might find myself in another again. So I know how this is and how you might feel.

Question is, will you allow yourself to feel this way? Will you allow yourself to sit on the couch blaming everyone and everything around you for what happened? Or would you rather get up and take your life in your hands? Do you want your life to happen to you? Or do you want to create your life on your terms?

If you choosing to be a creator of your life, accept my congratulations. Take a moment to congratulate yourself as well. Pat yourself at the back. Or give yourself a hug. Then look at the failure and find what can you do differently. How and what adjustments can you make? And when you find all that, just do the thing again. As many times as necessary to win. To be a creator of your life.


In this short material, we find that failure is a natural part of life. Of learning process. That it is important for your growth. That important is to look at it this way and search for the lessons it brings. This way you are getting stronger, better and you create your life the way you want. In any case, you would like to know more or need some support, I would love to help you with this. Just drop me a message on the links provided below.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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