You got what it takes.

You got what it takes.

What is your dream? What is that one thing that you always wanted to do? Maybe you would love to be a writer or architect or traveller or programmer or police officer. I am not talking about the childish dream when we change our decision quite often. I am talking about that dream from your teenage years. When you start to think about what is that you would like to do in life. Who you would like to be.

Most likely, because the adults advise that this is not good for you or it will not bring you stability and money in life, you bury this dream deep in you. You stop talking about it, you stop being excited about it, you stop dreaming about it. But this dream is still there. It is still in you. And I want to tell you something. You have all, that it takes to achieve it. Otherwise, you would not have it.

You get that dream, even if you think you discovered it yourself. It was imprinted in you. You just by your experiences and observation get to the point when you realise that this is it. And then, you started to be excited. Share your vision, of what you would like to be and do, with everyone. Your parents, grandparents, uncles, aunties and, if you were a very open person with your friends, and even with strangers you met.

The ideal would be if they will get excited with you and support you with that dream. Yet…Let’s be honest. Most likely they either laugh at you, make a joke about your dream or straightaway told you this is stupid and so on. But, hey, you are an adult now, you can do whatever is that you were dreaming of. I am telling you, you have everything that it’s needed to make your dream come true. Just allow yourself and go for it. It is your dream. It is your gift to the world and people.

Be positive. Be blessed. Peace out.


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