"You have to believe" - a faith enhancement.

“You have to believe” – a faith enhancement.

You have to believe. How many times you have heard that sentence, either in movies or in real life? How many times someone was saying that to you. Telling you to have faith. Why faith is so important? What it is and where it comes from? Can you boost it somehow? Want to know more? Read the rest of this post.

What is faith and where it comes from?

Ok now, what is faith? It is easy to search Google, Wikipedia, dictionary or some other source. You can learn from them that this is complete and utter trust either in someone or something. Quite a tedious definition. But how you would define faith? What does it mean for you? I am sure that you have some kind of definition that is appealing to you. Some kind of an idea or maybe a picture corresponding with faith.

And no matter what it is as long as it is resonating with you. This is all it matters. Like with everything else in this life. Would you put all your energy into something you do not like? You do not believe? Would you put all your heart into something, that is not aligned with your beliefs? Is that true? Or rather you would prefer to feel that in your heart. That this is it. That this is something that you want to do.

Quite interesting explanation of faith you can find in Napoleon’s Hill book “Think and Grow Rich”. He wrote there, that faith is a state of mind. It can not be seen or touched or experienced by any other of your senses. It is something you hardly can explain, but you feel it. It might be achieving some specific goal, like becoming number one in some discipline. Or climb some high and difficult mountain. Whatever it is, faith makes you see yourself at the end of that path. Already as an achiever of this goal of yours. Already enjoying the fruits of your hard work and forgetting about all sacrifices you had to make to get to that point.

Why it is so important to believe?

Though you might say – yeah. But what about those who get to some point. Those who achieve something and then they are saying – I did not believe I could make it? It just happened, I do not know how? I could not believe I did it? – Yes, sometimes this happens as well. But it is not so often. Our media just love to emphasize these kinds of stories, so they made them more noticeable.

However, usually, what is not actually so emphasized, is the other way around. Someone has a goal in his mind and this person deeply believe, that it can achieve this goal. This person sees itself already in possession of the trophy. This person knows, that it will win. It knows, that it will overcome any obstacle and it will get to the place where it plans to be. This is the truth about believing.

This strong and utter faith, in achieving your goal, will help you on your path. Surely, you might reach your goal even having just little faith. Or even completely doubting yourself and your skills. Yes, this is possible. Thou, it will be extremely hard in that case. And it will depend mostly on pure luck. And my guess is, this is not what you would like to go through. You prefer the easier way, right?

How you can boost it out?

So now, when you know what is faith and why you actually need it in your life. Is there any way to boost your faith? Or maybe even, to start to believe? You might, similarly like me, sometimes find it hard to believe in something. I was sometimes laughing at myself, that I am like the doubting Thomas from the bible. If I can not see it or touch it or see it works, effects, well… You know the rest.

So I did, test this thing on myself and it did work. Yes, you still might have that little critic whispering to your ear, that this does not work. Or it has very little to no chance to work. Or, as my critic says, yeah it works, but not for you. Thing is to be consistent. To repeat the process, over and over again. Even if you feel you do not like it or not want it. Just do it. And it will be easier every next time.

So what actually are these things that create or boost your faith? Those are famous affirmations. Or in other words, instructions that you send to your subconscious mind by repeating them. Another name is auto-suggestion. To make them work those need to be formulated in the present tense and time and be positive. For example – I am healthy, I am wealthy, I am friendly. And so on. However, it might sound, open your mind and give it a go.

But this alone will not work. You need to add something to this. Affirmations are powerful, but they are just a part of the equation. The bit that you need to add is action. So whatever you affirm to yourself, start acting this way. Make games as if this affirmation is already the truth. This way you will start to transform your mindset and by this your reality. Ask yourself questions, how would I act, feel as if I already achieve my goal?


O right now. You know what is faith. You might have your own definition of it. You know why it is important to believe when you want to succeed with your goals. And you learn a little exercise that can help you boost your faith.

In any case, you would like to know more or need some support, I would love to help you with this. Just drop me a message on the links provided below.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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