You right, so what?

You right, so what?

How many times, you were right? You knew it. You were right, for 100ts of percents. Yet, the other person didn’t want to admit that. Stubbornly keeping its belive. You, most likely, confident that this is your duty, to enlight that person, were looking for arguments and trying to find the way to convince it, to your cause. Or, you were forced, to fight with another person, to prove that it is you, who has the right.

Where you ever thought, why is that? Why do you feel, the urge to do this? And, even most importantly, what you actually get from that kind of doing? Those are quite important questions. When you will know, the answer to them, you might be able to improve your life. How is that? Well, look at that situation. You spend hours to find arguments to convince someone to your way. Then you spend hours to talk to that person and persuade it to a belief that you are right. You did it. You convince that person. You feel great, worthy and wise. You win your fight.

And? Was it worth it? Spending so much time and energy, on researching, planning strategy and arguing with someone? Just to hear that you right? Is that whole process and fight and stress really worth it? But if you did not hear that, this approval from someone else mouth. Does that mean that you were or are not right? That you are mistaken? But you know you right. So what is the point of that whole struggle? Don’t you think, that this whole time, you spend on preparations and actual debating, could not be put in better use?

So what, that someone does not understand, your way of thinking and acting? So what, that someone has his own way, his own right, his own beliefs? That’s his privilege to have it. That is our all society privilege. Would it not be better if you just smile and move forward? You know you right. That is the most important. The truth is with you, no matter if you get approval for it or not. Giving up the fight brings you peace of mind, the power to move forward and time to use, for something more beneficial.

Blessings upon you, my friend.


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