You, the builder of your life.

You, the builder of your life.

I am sure that you know, that if you want to build something you need to have materials. And not any materials, but the right ones for the thing you want to build. You can not build a sandcastle from wood, right? You need sand for that. You can not build your muscles without proper nutrition. You can not build a house, without all the proper materials. You need to have materials suitable for the project. The same is with your life. You can not build a happy and fulfilling life if you do not have the right materials to do this. You will just not be able to build something from nothing.

If you will go about your life, seeing only the thing you do not have. Things that you miss in your life, like an exotic holiday, brand new exclusive car or fame as a celebrity. Things you didn’t achieve, you didn’t get yet. This way you focusing your whole attention on the lack of things and materials. You create that emptiness, shortage and necessity of supplies. And guess what will happen? Exactly, you will see more things you do not have. You will feel unhappy, anxious maybe even angry. Do you want to feel this way? Do you like the idea of feeling this way at all? Are those feelings, of injustice, stillness, lack and poverty, are something you want to feel?

So how can you gather the necessary materials for your life building? What are these materials? The strongest elements, to build your life, are gratitude, love and happiness. But wait, wait, you might say, how can I feel the above, if I do not have things I need, for a happy life. But you do have for sure other things and values that you can be grateful for. Items and events that make you happy. That make you feel joy and bliss. Just look into your heart, look around you and make a list of all those things. Focus on them. Focus on the positive, beautiful things you already have.

This way you will emit a powerful signal to the universe saying – I am happy now. Send me more things to be happy. To feel appreciation. To feel love. And the universe, God or whatever you want to call it, will send you more of those things. So you will be able to build a great life, full of joy, gratitude and love. You will expand your positive feelings and feel the motivation to do whatever is that you up to. Whatever is that makes you even more happy and fulfilled. So focus on the positive aspects of your life. Search for things you are grateful for. Look for anything that makes you feel happiness, love and appreciation. Build your life the way you love and enjoy it more and more every day.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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