Your parent’s gifts

Your parent’s gifts

People have a tendency to blame parents, guardians for all what they did or not did when they raise them up. Are you like that as well? I hope not.

Your parents give you all that they could. They do their best, with good intentions. You have got from them everything you need. And even more, than you can name it. You got from them everything that makes you person you are now.

No matter how much you will disagree with this. This is the truth. Fighting with that just bring you more disappointment, pain and frustration. Accept that fact, that even if your parents were not perfect, they do their best.

Be grateful for that as this feeling is powerful and life-changing. Being grateful, for everything, sends a positive message to the universe, with one of the most powerful frequencies.

Understand that they make you the person you are now. And thanks to them you can understand your mistakes and work on them to be a better self.

Understand as well, that you are adult and your responsibility toward yourself is to clean up your thoughts, feelings, memories and beliefs. Do not expect that you will get everything ready to use for your life. Do not search who to blame when you mess up with something.

Understand that you have your heart and brain to use it. To prepare yourself, to learn how to use your tools, you have got from your upbringing. You are an adult now. Take responsibility for yourself.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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