You’re not your past.

You’re not your past.

A lot of people feel as they are victims of circumstances and fates. They believe, that because of something bad, what happened in their past, they now don’t deserve anything from life. At least nothing good. They point at the bad things in their past, focusing on them.

You might think likewise or you might know someone who often is saying that his family was dysfunctional. Funny thing is that most of the psychiatrists, psychologists say that approximately 85% of families are dysfunctional. So, sorry, but you are not an exception in this case. You have your story, true. You have your past, true.

Question is – What you want to do about that now? What is your choice for now? See, you can still focus on the past and bad things. Or you can focus on what you want from life. When you focus on what you want other things will start to disappear. And the thing you are focused on will grow.

Everything is made from energy, you to, which has a lot of properties. One of them is frequency and attraction. If you focus on bad things you are emitting frequency to attract more bad things to your life. Is that what you want? Focus on the good thing now and in the coming future. This way you attract more of goodness to your life.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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