What others say

Excellent results

I did a coaching session with Radoslaw over feeling stuck in my business opportunities. He asked me specific questions so I could see around the blocks I had created in moving forward. It helped tremendously! He is genuine and kind-spirited. I would definitely work with him again.


Thank you!! You helped me start my business

Radoslaw is an amazing listener and has a kind heart. He helped me get over my doubts and start my health coaching business, which has been a big deal for me. He helped me clarify exactly what I needed to do, and this allowed me to finally get started. I really appreciate his help.


Thank you for talking with me πŸ™‚

Thank you for talking with me πŸ™‚
To help me find my clarity and plan the next steps in my life.
I am really glad I met you.


Great Reiki experience

My deal was Radoslaw was a wonderful and uplifting experience! Today we had a nice chat and I received a wonderful reiki distance healing from him. I’m feeling refreshed and relaxed!


It was an amazing experience

Rad has a huge heart and a lot of love to offer the world. I loved working with him!


Thank you for your help.

It was a pleasure meeting Radoslaw. We had a very interesting and useful conversation. looking forward to talk with him again soon.


Appreciate your help

Rad gave me much clarity on my current situation. Feeling blessed to have this session with him! πŸ™‚


Thank you for gift of Reiki

Beautiful Divine Rad! You are a beautiful gifted angel, thank you for all the healing and love you share. We are truly blessed by your Presence! Blessings and hugs <3


Thank you for Reiki

Rad was friendly and the Reiki session left me feeling at peace (despite being a bit stressed out before). Definitely worth a try!


Thank you.

Rad was amazing, looking forward for our next session. I am happy with the support I’m getting from Rad


A soothing reprieve from a busy workday

I took a few minutes out of my day to treat myself with one of Rad’s reiki sessions. He called me before the session and i got myself comfortable then let him know i was ready. I felt calm and relaxed during the session and focused on where i wanted to direct the energy. I really felt an impact because i was in the middle of a busy day and it totally mellowed me out. When the session ended Rad called me back to close it out. I am trying to heal some emotional and physical blockages from a lengthy divorce, and that night i felt much freer and more available for intimacy. I had a lovely session and i feel like i have lightened my burden.


Amazing Experience!

Wow, I didn’t expect to feel such relief in my back! I usually have a constant nagging discomfort, but I feel fantastic; me energy level is even up! I 100% recommend Rad!!


A wonderful Reiki experience with Rad!

This session was magical! I had so much come through both from my higher self and my inner child. My body is buzzing from all the beautiful energy ✨ I am so grateful to connect with Rad, and for his work. As a fellow reiki practitioner, it’s important to receive reiki from others as well as each of us have different gifts to offer. I highly recommend Rad for his reiki service!