What Coaching is?

It is a help, for you to get from your current state to the desired state. Therefore, the main goal of coaching is to reach a well-formulated goal and help you move towards it NOW.

Coaching is also, in the most elegant form, achieving new results: personal, professional and business. Planned and unplanned - because hidden in your potential.

Coaching is going beyond the current framework, creating a new vision and a new identity for yourself.

Coaching is personal development supporting performance and relationships.

Coaching is also a never-ending process. Continuous transformation of people to create a new reality and future so that the impossible becomes possible.

Coaching is, after discovering your dreams and mission (destiny), creating an unattainable vision of the future and acting following the strategy of that image of success.

Coaching consists of a specific conversation focused on your goal and skilful asking questions by the coach in such a way that you can achieve change and achieve it yourself. This is most often the level of change at the level of beliefs because beliefs determine and create you in many areas.

Coaching should only touch upon a specific sphere of professional and personal life, excluding levels of spiritual development (unless the coach is a true spiritual teacher), healing, healing and therapy.

Coaching is an exclusive service.

Who is it for then?

You are a person on the threshold of transformational change and transformation. Feeling the need to go higher and cross the Horizon.

You are a person who feels the need to develop but you are also aware that you cannot go higher by yourself. You need an external stimulus - coaching in this case.

You are a person in need of cleansing, i.e. neutralization of mental-behavioural barriers and obstacles.

You are an ambitious person, although you do not have to be an entrepreneur yourself.

You are a person with a certain level of wisdom. Most often formally or informally educated.

You struggle with emotions, such as resentment, guilt, anger and sadness, after a breakup or the loss of a loved one.

Why me?

A while ago, I hit rock bottom. I was bankrupt, homeless, depressed, I made stupid mistakes and lost the love and trust of the person I cared about the most in the world, and I no longer believed in myself.

However I overcame it all, and now I am here to help you commit to your passion, beat the odds, and grow to be the best version of you!

I believe in YOU!

As a mentality & life coach, I know how hard it might be sometimes. But I do believe that you know deep inside you, how to overcome this.

You have huge capabilities, but more likely, you need someone to show you the way to reach it.

The best athletes, movie stars, writers, musicians, business owners, and so on, have all had coaches and mentors who helped them understand themselves and act strategically to achieve the "impossible."

My offer.

I will assist you:

  • find a refreshed sense of purpose
  • discover your strengths
  • create a space for you to uncover your truths and capabilities
  • create more joy in your everyday life
  • find guidance from within to heal yourself in body, mind, emotion, and spirit
  • provide you with independent feedback and insight
  • discover what doesn't serve you
  • work to release false beliefs and perceptions
  • plan your schedule for victory
  • rebuild hope in your goals
  • create a step-by-step plan for your gaol
  • bi-weekly accountability checkups
  • discussion on the plan and redrawing it if necessary

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It's time to take charge - your future starts now!