Silly story but with a hidden bottom.

Imagine that you standing in your home ready to go out, with your car keys in your hand. Just before you go out, the light goes off. You are lost in the darkness. You drop your key. so you have to find them. It is hard in the dark. But then you see light outside. and you think that you move your search to the light. You go out and start to look for the keys under that light.

Your neighbour comes and asks what happen. You tell him you lost your key so he offers you a hand to look for them. After a while, with no luck, the neighbour finally asks where you lost your key. And you tell him that you lost them in your home. He’s surprised and asks – you drop them in the house but you look for them here? That doesn’t make any sense.

You answer that surly there is sense to look here as here is the light and is dark in the house.
Silly isn’t it? But isn’t that what we tend to do? Looking for solutions to your problems in the outside world instead to look for them inside yous?

Yes, it is easier to look around in the “lighted place”. But the answer is in you, in the “darkness” of your mind and soul. There, only there, you can find a solution to your problems. You just need some guidance, light to actually find the answers. So be smart and look inside you for an answer to your dilemmas.

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